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reports on pyramid app

Must-Have Reports for your Business

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As a business owner, you need to make informed decisions often. There are so many aspects of a business that need to be analyzed and adjusted in order to experience forward progress. A business manager app #PyramidApp developed by #DexterityLogics has a complete solution to this. Here are must reports that you should have available on a regular basis.
1. Sales and Revenue Report
2. Expenses Reports
3. Best Selling Product/Service Report
4. Payment medium report
5. Inventory Report
6. Sales and Production/Purchase Analytical Report
The list goes on…
Leveraging on all these reports will definitely help you make wise business decisions.
Ensure you have a proper structure in place to determine if your business is in a green state or red state.
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Make informed decision about your business with just an internet connection

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Making informed decision about your business is what keeps you focus, ensures your strategies are right, keeps you in business.

How about an all in one software that would automate this for you?

Dexterity Logics has got your back on this one. We are the brain behind brands that works. ?

Get Pyramid Business Manager with POS, it helps you achieve all these and more.?
Pyramid is for Small, Medium and Large Businesses.?

Sign up for it today,?

Own it for life.?

You can have it as online app so you can manage your business anywhere, (Domain and web hosting required)

You can install it right in your shop, office, store etc. ( A smart POS system, laptop, desktop required)

Manage Stock and Inventory, Issue receipt, invoice, manage expenses, issue girt card for your customers, manage your customers, send receipt or invoice as SMS and lots more

Pay one time for it, No subscription

Call/whatsapp 09023430948, 08055414280 today to get started or visit www.pyramid.software to learn more


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Over the years, countless POS softwares have been developed to help with inventory management and sales. Beyond all of these, we present to you an outstanding and intelligent business management software that is carefully designed and developed for the purpose of helping manufacturers and store owners make informed decisions.